SFU Voluntary Research Experience

Good evening Lochdale families!

A Lochdale parent has asked me to reach out to other parents to let them know of a great SFU voluntary research experience.  I will cut and paste the following email and information she sent me but it sounds like a great opportunity for girls aged 10-14 to learn and be engaged in all things Science and it’s free of charge!

However, it is very time sensitive, they need a response by Saturday -please pass the word!


This is open to all girls aged 10-14 and costs them nothing but 3 Saturday mornings at SFU over the next month starting Oct 1st. (it’s split up so not back to back Saturdays)

All details are below (I cut and pasted them in for you with links along with forwarding the original notice which includes a number you can call to talk to them if you want).

 It’s a fabulous opportunity for young girls to experience what it’s like to be part of a research team. The women at the SFU girls science club are amazing!


Special Notice:
Link to consent form  (it includes more detailed information about the project)

This year as part of Science AL!VE’s girls club, we are offering girls an opportunity to participate in a unique research experience. Science AL!VE is a proud network member of Actua, a national Canadian charity that promotes youth engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Actua (www.actua.ca) is supporting our girls club and is looking for our help in exploring ways in which girls can be more engaged specifically in computer science.

Actua is working with a company called Groundswell Projects (groundswellprojects.org), and with their help they are leading girls in several girls clubs across Canada in a fun activity where girls get to volunteer as researchers! Not only will girls learn about the research process, but they will interview one of their peers and their parents to gather insight into what are the barriers to the engagement of girls in computer science and what will it take to overcome these barriers.

Your daughter’s participation in this exercise is completely voluntary. It also does not interfere with the regularly scheduled girls club experiences that we are offering. All measures of confidentiality are also assured. Insights will be compiled and published for sharing among other organizations interested in contributing to this important cause.

Please see enclosed an information package/consent form with more details of the project and your daughter’s involvement. Naturally, we won’t involve your child without her and your consent, so if after reading the enclosed package you both consent to your daughter’s involvement, please sign and return the consent form by September 20th so that we can begin planning this research component of the girls club experience.

Thank you and we look forward to involving your daughter in a fun and truly helpful project!

The three dates are all on Saturdays (when AL!VE Girls Club is NOT in session), those dates are: October 1st, October 29th, and November 12th from 9:30sm-12:30pm.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call at the office at 778-782-5912.



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