Update: Bottle Drive Fundraiser

Thank you everyone for dropping off your recyclables during the Bottle Drive!  Here is a message and update from our lovely Fundraiser executive, Helen Correia:

During the bottle drive we received 42 bags of refundable donations, amounting a total of $222.90! Woooo hooo!!

Also, this fundraising program is ongoing. Anyone wishing to donate their REFUNDABLE recyclables can do so at any time, at any Return-It Depot.

Here’s how it works:

  • All items must be placed in a clear / see through plastic bag.
  • At the self serve kiosk (to the left of the entrance doors – if you’re visiting the Kensington Return-It Depot)
    enter the school’s phone number – 604 664 8743
  • Print the number of labels required (usually one per bag)
  • Place the label on the bag
  • Final step, leave your labelled donations in the tall blue bins (located at the back of the store at Kensington Return-It)

It’s that easy – No sorting required!

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!



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