Community Picnic -TODAY!

Just a reminder that the Community Picnic is today from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  You are welcome to bring an extra snack or food item to share.

Keep an eye out for the Community Clean-up crew and Lochdale students out and about all day cleaning up the community.

Wear your Lochdale Rockstar T-shirts today to show your school pride 🙂



2 thoughts on “Community Picnic -TODAY!

  1. I’m not sure what I’m missing but I keep getting emails the day of an event that say “just a reminder” and yet it us the first email about the event that I am getting.  Am I missing previous emails? Thanks


    • Thanks for your email, Nadia!
      You should’ve received emails directly from the school as well as a notice came home with the students as well. The reminder from me is a first on the parent website but you should’ve been receiving info directly from the school. Let me know if you didn’t and I can check if you are on the Lochdale mailing list.

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