Drivers needed tomorrow!!

Hello Lochdale Friends!

The Intermediates will be at an All Day Track Meet tomorrow, May 2 at Swangard Stadium.  We are in desperate need of more parent drivers.  If you can spare an hour, we will be transporting the kids first thing in the morning and will be meeting in front of the office.  Or if you can only drive students BACK from the Stadium in the afternoon, please let me know or let Ms. V., Mr. Baldin or Ms. Cowan know.

The children on the Track team are very excited for this Meet!  There are approximately 20 students without a ride right now, please let me know if you can help or just come to the office tomorrow morning!

PS.  In no way shape or form am I approving, condoning or suggesting that you transport the children like the image below but you get my drift!

Thank you!



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