Why ‘LCSA’ and not ‘PAC’?

LCSA stands for Lochdale Community School Association.  Since we are a community school, we not only serve the interests of the children and parents, but also the community.  This means that the LCSA is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) but because we also serve the interests of the community, we are called LCSA.

Lochdale Community School is one of eight community schools in the Burnaby district.  A community school has a “special belief in, and emphasis on, the value of community involvement”.   For more information on the characteristics of a community school, please refer to the link below.


To encourage and promote communication to parents, caregivers and the community and to strengthen school spirit and community involvement through programs, activities and fundraising.

The LCSA consists of parents, residents, volunteers and community members.  We serve as both the school’s council and community council.  We welcome you to join this wonderful group of people that are dedicated to making the school a positive environment for the students and to ensure that we all share the same values as a community school.  Please join us at our next General Meeting!


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