Fundraising Results

Fundraising Results


New numbers for this year coming soon!  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Fundraising Results

  1. The 2014 Spring Plants were very disappointing. The 2013 Spring Plants were full, vibrant, and lasted well into October. I was so impressed with the 2013 plants that I sang their praises to all my friends and neighbours when time came to sell them in 2014. Now I am embarrassed for all those people I convinced to buy the 2014 plants as they are not nearly as robust as the 2013 product. Was the supplier changed? Or did the supplier change their supply? I’m sure a lot of effort goes into setting up the fundraiser and moving those plants around. Hopefully 2015 won’t be as disappointing.

    • That must have been frustrating for you. We apologize for any disappointment you experienced with this fundraiser and we truly appreciate the support you have given us. We use the same supplier as we always have. Darvonda Nurseries supplies Costco and has a solid reputation. Not sure what may have happened this past year to cause the plants to be less robust than previous years. We have discussed taking a break from this specific fundraiser and try something new this year, we will keep everyone informed as to that final decision. Thank you again for all of your continued support.

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